Airing out the House

Airing Out The House

Location #26

Rebecca McGee Tuck

Natick, MA

We all were cooped up in our homes for over a year during the Pandemic and some remained this way for longer. I had the idea for this sculpture from something my Mother used to say.  After a long winter there inevitably would be a spring cleanup of our childhood home– Closets cleaned, floors scrubbed, school and work papers organized and thinned out.  Part of this ritual was to open up all of the windows in the house on the first nice day, to flush out the stale air of the closed-up winter. Airing out the house felt like turning the page on the short and dark days in order to make way for the fresh bright start of spring. Though we seem to have more of a mountain to climb before the end of our troubles with the virus, I have chosen to take a deep breath and exhale. I suggest to everyone: Open up your windows wide and let in the fresh clean air, spruce up, reinvigorate, and revitalize your spirits to take on what comes next with renewed moxie.

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