Location #4

Dave Channon

Shandaken, NY

Artists Bio:

Dave Channon is a multi-media artist who began his career with an apprenticeship to Joseph Cornell when he was 17. He later collaborated with such important artists as Red Grooms, Keith Haring, Phillip Guston, Ralph Fasanella, Peter Max, Andy Warhol, the Picasso estate, Ron English and Robert Indiana. Channon is now living and working in the Catskills near Woodstock, NY.
In his own words today:
“I make scraptures. Scrap metal sculptures that cause rapture. Welding steel takes visual art from ephemeral illusion to the concrete. Arc welding is exciting, like holding a lightning bolt in your hand, watching the metal boil and vaporize and instantly freeze hard as a hammerhead. Steel has real solidity you can grasp.

My scraptures incorporate principles of dynamic imbalance and anti-gravity illusion. The shapes are folded topologically, like mobius metal origami. My origin of inspiration? Rusted farm tools, flood deformed guard rails, fossil bones of old Fords, eroded railroad spikes, and other weather beaten relics. They retain their original identity yet coexist peacefully within the whole blissful artistic leap of belief. After all, believing is seeing!

And so, people are susceptible to a contagious form of mass delusion. The human condition is mentally fragmented, as though our delusion immune system is overwhelmed. We can’t tell real from fake! My solid scraptures are a grounding force on minds disoriented by flashing video and millions of conflicting media messages. They have magnetic personality, gesture, and anatomically incorrect engineering. They are funny. They are ready when you are. They can be had. Purchase price includes delivery and installation. Call (845) 688-2977 or email


This Sculpture Location is Sponsored by:
WREN – Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network
Bethlehem, NH

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