Location # 1

Bill Cohn


Enterolobium Cairn #2 is from a series of “elephant ears” ceramic totems I made in 2020. All the components are slab-built, with textures embedded on both sides. Each “ear” is a ceramic artwork onto itself; as a complete piece it’s striking, whether displayed indoors or in a landscape setting.

Bill Cohn is a Lexington-based ceramic artist and sculptor. Working in clay, rock, and wood, his unique “Industrial/Organic” themed sculptures have been described as evoking feelings of “being in the New England woods or on a foreign planet all at the same time.” Bill’s work enriches landscapes, gardens, atria and homes. His pieces have been featured in solo, two-person, and juried group shows. Bill has been a studio owner at Artspace in Maynard MA since 2000, and his work can be seen at www.billcohnart.com and on Instagram@cohnbill18.

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