2020 Exhibits

Mosaics & Garden

Franconia, NH


Lafayette School students created a sculpture garden and six mosaics featuring Franconia highlights.

Water Form I

Marilu Swett
Jamaica Plain, MA


This sculpture is based on fanciful sea creatures. Water Form 1 is water jet cut aluminum and is painted with oil enamel. Mounted on bearings, this sculpture will swivel slowly in the wind.

Learn more about the artist, Marilu Swett, and her work at www.mariluswett.com.


David Skora
New Hartford, CT

Location:  3

This metal sculpture represents the visual tension of movement frozen in space. The sculptor encourages the viewers to walk around the entire piece and to contemplate what they see. This sculpture is a created from polychromed metal. The forms are created in the modernist tradition. Skora seeks to create a sense of contemplation and inspiration as viewers walk around the sculpture and allow it to reveal itself.

Visit the artist, David Skora, at his website, www.davidskora.com, to learn more about his work.

Yoga Master

Josie Cambell Dellenbaug
Glastonbury, CT

Location: 4

A standing, columnar, bronze figure of an Indonesian man is in the Yoga position of the Mountain. The sculpture is mounted on a simple rectangular, brushed aluminum base.

Artist Josie Campbell Dellenbaugh can be visited at www.beechgate.com.

ArtWalk Map

Location: 5


David Skora
New Hartford, CT

Location: 6

Anthony Caro, an English artist, has been an inspiration to the sculptor. This sculpture, made from repurposed industrial objects, is a tribute to Anthony Caro who created his sculptures from found industrial objects and assembled them into finished pieces. Skora clearly identifies with this process.

Artist David Skora and his work can be found at www.davidskora.com.

Red Fish

Valery Mahuchy
Bethlehem, NH

Location: 7

A symbolic sculpture of water, wave and fish together. Artist Valery Mahuchy and his work can be found at www.valerymahuchy.com.

Artist’s Bio

Valery Mahuchy was born in Belarus in 1959 and graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of the Arts in Minsk in 1988.

Madonna & Child

Location: 8

Statue honoring Our Lady of the Snows devotion which created a snowfall in Rome the summer of 352 A.D.

City Talk

Susan Neet Goodwin
Grantham, NH

Location: 9

This sculpture is a study in anthropomorphized buildings. As I walk through NYC and other cities, I imagine the buildings having special conversations. This is a representation of that concept.

Susan Neet Goodwin’s website is not available, see her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/susan.neetgoodwin.33

Evolution II

R. Douglas Rice
Stonington, CT

Location: 10

This Sculpture is titled “Evolution II #’s 4&6″. The sculpture began as a series of small cardboard cut outs. From a 4″ x 8″ pieces of cardboard, I cut out six wavy-shaped legs, where the bottom of the first set became the top of the next set, and so on for all six. I then duplicated six more from another piece of cardboard. Slotting the top of one and the bottom of its twin, I joined them together at 90 degrees, creating a four-legged creature. Displaying the six ” creatures in ascending order reminds one of creatures evolving over time from small to large. The fact that they are all from the same 4×8 piece and share its predecessor’s shape literally has them evolve from each other. Hillary and Company cut the shapes out of two 4’ x 8’ sheets of 5/8’ aluminum. Another factory called Jay Pro then powder coated them to a high gloss blue and yellow. This piece contains two of the pieces #’s 4 & 6 from the Evolution II series – #’s 4&6 one stacked over the other.

Artist R. Douglas Rice can be visited at www.rdrart.com

Determined to Stay

Liz Sibley Fletcher
Mason, NH

Location: 11

This sculpture, made of high-fire stoneware, creates a turtle island.

Visit artist Liz Sibley Fletcher at www.liz-fletcher-sculpture.com.

Balance as the concept of harmony, human and nature

Valery Mahuchy
Bethlehem, NH

Location: 12

Sculpture depicts fusion of harmony through the human feminine and animal cat

Artist Valery Mahuchy and his work can be found at www.valerymahuchy.com

Artist’s Bio

Valery Mahuchy was born in Belarus in 1959 and graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of the Arts in Minsk in 1988.

Among White Oak Leaves & Museum Garden

Greg Barry
Ashburnham, MA

Location: 13

Free standing interpretation of White Oak Leaves created by Greg Barry and a garden created by the White Mountain Garden Club.

Gregory Barry can be visited at http://www.gregoryjbarry.com


Bill Cohn
Lexington, MA

Location: 14

Inukshuk is a stacked cairn made of hollow ceramic rocks, hand textured and separated by ceramic spacers. The rocks are strung on a copper rod which is embedded in a rock base.

Artist Bill Cohn can be visited at www.Billcohnart.com.


Melanie Zibit
Shirley, MA

Location: 15

Created using old-world bronze casting techniques in Pietrasanta, Italy, Genesis is a contemporary     statement connecting to the ancient story about the origins of humanity. The apple is a metaphor for  the loss of innocence in return for gaining knowledge to live in the  world.  The artist uses the contrast of  burnished, bronze surfaces against the staccato of the turquoise, textured forms  to echo the  eternal colors and patterns found in nature.

Visit artist Melanie Zibit at www.melaniezibit.com for additional information on her sculpture and other work she has done.

Chain Bicycle

Philip Reeder
Bethlehem NH

Location: 16

A rendition of first machine called a bicycle, Penny Farthing, welded in chain link.

Visit Philip Reeder’s website: Koolkinetics.com.


Robert Phipps
Easton NH

Location: 17


Liz Sibley Fletcher
Mason NH

Location: 18

A sculpture creating a vision of Hope, this work is composed of two colorful wings rising from the ground.

More information on artist Liz Sibley Fletcherand her work can be found on www.liz-fletcher-sculpture.com

Ceramic Totem

Littleton Studio School
Littleton, NH

Location: 20

A Collective Work of Art Created by the Community of the Littleton Studio School

The Totem pole is made of ceramic pieces and metal accents

Our Mission We educate students in a variety of art media, providing the space, tools, guidance, and encouragement they require to realize their potential. In doing so, we support the community beyond our doors as well, fostering a society where imagination and curiosity flourish….



Water Form II

Marilu Swett
Jamaca Plain, MA

Location: 21

Water Form 2 is based on fanciful sea creatures. The sculpture is water jet cut painted with oil enamel and mounted on an aluminum pole. The sculpture swivels on bearings in the wind.

Visit artist Marilu Swett at www.mariluswett.com for additional information on the artist and other work she has done.



David Skora
New Hartford, CT

Location: 22

This welded, fabricated polychromed metal abstract is a whimsical and dynamic grouping of forms. It conveys energy, movement and balance. Skora appropriated parts from previous sculptures and configured them into “Harlequin.” The artist sees his work as a juggler or possibly a clown doing acrobatic maneuvers.

Visit David Skora, the artist, at www.davidskora.com.

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