Location #25

Artist:  Kathie Lovett

The work highlights the interconnections between humans and involves real time weaving to honor the myriad ways of sharing. Trees form a network of roots to give nutrition and information. Spiders connect different silks to weave their handsome webs. Birds use song to tell their story. And beavers return to the lodge to share apple twigs and news of the pond. We humans make connections too, using our computers and phones. 

The trees on the banks of the Gale River provide a calm setting giving off their phytoncide chemicals and the water boosts vitality with its negative ions. Knitters and crocheters will create a long red scarf to be draped over the trees and branches. The scarf will define the space as it grows becoming part of each maker’s personal and shared INTER-NET. 

The project will run from Juneteenth (June 19, 2021) until October 10th. When the scarf is removed it will be felted and made into warm hats, mittens and scarves for those in need.

There will be chairs and a box in the woods with yarn and needles. Create on site or at home. Drop your pieces off in the box or mail them to Franconia Artwalk, PO Box 602, Franconia, NH 03580 — 

Two options for creating: 

Option 1 – Knit or crochet in Red Wool to be felted into material for warm mittens, hats and scarves. The approximate size is 11 inches and variations are fine. I am using Size 11 needles with 36 stitches and a 2-ply yarn. BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME! No worries about holes, dropped stitches or added stitches. Please write a “W” on your tag if it is 100% wool. 

Option 2 – The Red Scarf Project – Knit or crochet in any red yarn (does not need to be wool) a red scarf. The size is 5-8 inches wide and roughly 60 inches long. Scarves should be long enough to be wrapped around the neck with tails long enough to be tied in front. These scarves will be given to students who have been in foster care and are headed off to college. Find out more at 

TAGS – Tags are provided in the box. Use your first name or make up a code name to tag your work. *Paula, at LYS (Love Yarn Shop) located at Main Street in Bethlehem next to the Colonial Theater, will also have free yarn for this project.

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