Points of Interest

The Franconia Artwalk is an easy, self-directed walking tour of Franconia, New Hampshire. You’ll find sculpture, architecture, paintings and gardens. Combine it with a loop across the Hillwinds Bridge, past the Dow Academy, or peacefully stroll along the Gale River and enjoy art surrounded by magnificent mountain and river views!


Historic Points of Interest

Franconia Iron Works
Built 1801/1802 to forge iron

The Stone Iron Furnace is New Hampshire’s sole surviving example of post Revolutionary War furnaces for smelting local iron ore.  The industry flourished during the first half of the 19th century.  It produced pig and iron bar for farm tools and cast iron ware including the famous Franconia Stove.

Abbie Greenleaf Library
Built by W. H. Mclean in 1912
with original stained glass windows and mosaic floors.
Read More about the Abbie Greenleaf Library….


The Dow
A Georgian revival rebuilt in 1903
The Dow Clock and Tower was restored in 2013


Franconia Heritage Museum
Preserving the past, present and future of Franconia, NH
with artifacts, photos and historical documents

1864 Victorian Farmhouse
Step back in time as your view this farmhouse,
showing the grace and elegance of Victorian design


Enjoy the walk with our Interactive map to learn more.

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