Location #30

Valery Mahuchy

Sugar Hill, NH

Valery Mahuchy.  Was born in Belarus and attended The Belarusian National Academy of Arts 1988-1982.  He received a Master Fine Art degree, from the Sculpture Department, Minsk, Belarus.  Mahuchy studied art history and anatomy of the figure, sculpturing and drawing in the classical realistic tradition with anatomy studies and work from life models.

The search for creative freedom led him to the United States where he is continuing to create art for private collectors and exhibitions.  His work is found in in Museum M. Chagall Vitebsk, Belarus, Art Museum Vitebsk, Belarus, Historical Museum Vitebsk, Belarus, Museum Music Culture Minsk, Belarus, also be found in numerous private collections around the world: USA, Russia, Belarus, Israel, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Germany.  Valery has displayed his sculptures on Franconia Artwalk exhibits since its inception in 2019.

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