Sea Turtle

Location # 13

Asia Scudder

A conversation about art.  Or environment. Maybe it is about activism.  We each have a role to play as stewards of this Earth, and one point in this is expanding awareness in that we all bring solutions as the conversation expands and grows.   That is we create a conversation with multiple levels of change-makers, to create connections, collaborators and paralleling that point, potential solutions.  

The plastics industry is listening in too by the way and they show trending with our concerns as consumers. And that is outside local or national or even international standards and political structures.  

Is that a fantasy? Not really. See for example where organics are concerned –  you can easily see where change in our consumer demand has made an impact.  

In this project I am creating an art platform, readily accessible via a mobile app, geolocated to your location to bring in a community-wide conversation on the preservation of the surrounding, local environment by building awareness. 

By using the already familiar technology at your fingertips I created this through the eyes of a sea turtle sculpture, a journey to bring awareness to what happens to local waterways that allows plastic refuse to ultimately enter the open ocean environment impacting not only that environment and living fish, whales and sea birds that feed on ocean life, but also impacts our health as well. This art project is an invitation to just these types of conversations. 

 Stay tuned here — or if you would like to be a lead sponsor or alternately host a community workshop, please let us know!  Donations are gladly accepted for this project!  The more support the greatest impact on raising awareness we can have! 

Prior to completion of this project, we hope to host several panel discussions in the local area to discuss how art can become a platform for sharing and discussing temporal issues such as the issue of plastic production and consumption – in your town or region.  Partners include:  Iain Kerr of Ocean Alliance. Alliance for Climate and Environmental Stewards in Newburyport Massachusetts, Clean River Project in Methuen Massachusetts.

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