Double Vision

Double Vision

Location #18

Rebecca McGee Tuck


In 2020 we were all told to shelter in place, remain in our homes and to be vigilant against the virus. However, it was not just Coronavirus that made us angry and fearful. After George Floyd was murdered it became clear that our country was breaking apart before our eyes. These two events were difficult and life changing for all Americans.

In 2021, we started to see the movement of change and progress. These two events are the inspiration for “Double Vision.” Our view was obscured by the darkness of the events of a difficult year. While we still have much work to do and we continue to fight for our health and for social justice, we can now see a more clear path to a colorful future! Double Vision is showing us that we see light at the end of the tunnel but what drove us to these changes will always be in our peripheral vision.

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